A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Explore a dark forest and meet interesting characters within the dark fairy world of Antistar - for the first time, you get to play a little bit of Antistar (Chapter 3, part 1) without coughing up $1.79 (yes, it's free).

All of this thanks to what? #RemakeJam!!!!!

I took up the challenge to put together a half level in a week (evening leftovers actually...) but what made this possible is commitment of every artist working on this project. On this note, my thanks go straight to Clement Panchout, who donated a 2 minutes long soundtrack. YESSSS, for the first time Antistar is getting original sound.

Antistar was a fantasy adventure and also my first published game, somehow getting the attention (love, ire, indifference, complaints about the night being dark...) of 50, 000 users in 2010. It did not please everybody, but did get half decent reviews. Even the bad reviews were fun to watch.

I have been in the process of re-building this game since 2016 and (for a small fee) you can already play chapter 1 and 2, here.

While the scene isn't exactly action packed I'm sure you will find WASD ways to die and hit the SPACEBAR at the wrong time to jump.

FAQ can I see the original version?

2010 (warning: SPOILERS)

2017 teaser

FAQ is there an end to the madness?

YES there is a way to complete the demo; after you complete the demo you will be presented with options to follow the game, donate organs and more generally fool around the cyber.

FAQ can I play on my phone?

No but you can play the Birdman Emulator (Game Degree Zero re-make) on your iPhone, today (not free)!

Thanks for playing.

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Published 146 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsAnime, antistar, fairy, Fantasy, remakejam
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Antistar Demo (macOS) 46 MB
Antistar Demo (Windows) 41 MB
Antistar Demo (Linux) 47 MB