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Gain honours as you defeat foes, replenish your health using batteries and hearts, escape via mysterious bacon wrapped portals - losers will be kicked off the leaderboards!

Started as a first person multiplayer shooter, this game is hyper-actively developed to something awesome. Created by an experienced dev looking for a chance to build a great game with you.


There is no install required however like any app, first time start may require a slightly different approach:

  • On OS-X right click and choose open or run.
  • On Windows, double click the exe inside the zip. You may see a notice similar to "Windows protected your computer". Press "more info" and 'run anyway'.


  • Defeat foes to gain glory points
  • Your mascot (bear, cat, panda, ...) has unique stats.
  • Collect batteries to restore health
  • Collecting heart increases your max health.
  • Exit maps (without HP loss) via (bacon-wrapped) black cubes known as THE PORTALS.
  • Protect your neck! Defeated mascots are trashed and removed from global leaderboards.

Support this game, it takes genuine time and effort to build! All the code was written from scratch and I'm hoping to include more and more original art not to mention revamping the game map!


  • Chat feature. Unimpressive eh? But I think we really need that, no cutting corners here.
  • Bigger and better maps with dynamic platforms
  • (Many more) retro style power-ups
  • Bullet Hell style power ups
  • Melee weapons
  • Mission cards for co-op style features

Just to give you an idea here I put this game together in about a month and got zero funding so far. Support this game by hitting the DONATE button somewhere above, and I'll make it up to you!


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