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The year is 2112; the AQI is super high, and the sun is HOT.


[NEW] To find players join our discord: https://discord.gg/Jn9TQRR
- Multiplayer - Want a good experience? try playing EVEN hours (0-2-4-6-8-...), helps finding others.
- On start press `ENTER` to *type commands* such as `move forward`, `look left` or `shoot` (full list in-game, check blue banner on top)

- Chatting heals. Commands use health. More powerful commands cost more (try `teleport`)
- Upon entering, you are alone OR ongoing game (can WASD while spectating) OR fog rises and a match begins (if a player is already inside the game)


In this post-apocalyptic PvP battle game, unlike any other shooter, every decision matters! A last man standing contest where only the smartest, nerdiest typists win the day.


So how does it work?

  • At least 2 players are needed for matching (wanted 10, but 2 means you get to try it out quickly, right?)
  • If you come in the middle of a battle, you are spectating.
  • All spectators become players in the next round.
  • After you die, stay on the battleground as a ghost.

The controls!

  • Once a battle has started, press ENTER then type any commands you like such as "move forward" or "look left", "shoot", "nudge 15" (Complete list in-game)
  • In-game chat supported
  • When you're ghosting, spectating, alone or waiting for a battle, enjoy bouncing around via the usual WASD controls


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Keyboard Warriors (Windows) 22 MB
Version 7
Keyboard Warriors (macOS) 24 MB
Version 3
Keyboard Warriors (Linux) 23 MB
Version 6