The Beginning of Nowhere?

I figure that The Birdman Emulator is my attempt at making a super-hard 3D platform game with narrative undertones (the story is something for the player to fill in) and a looming sense of otherness pervading the whole thing, where everywhere is a limbo, an echo of a place that might be rather than an actual setting.

I've been working on this on and off since possibly 2013 when a very short version was made and released as a mobile game. I figure that, at some point the design coiled around itself where most of the current game is reflexive of a discarded game engine and me having an awful time designing a first version (of the same game). As such it's a game about striving - which is kind of positive, because you get to move forward and discover new places.

Designing this game is a total pain; in fact just trying to explain this thing makes my brain hurt. I have/had weird design constraints like not making NPCs for the player's sake or box-casing the design into a contrived pattern. Needless to say such a negative attitude makes it that much harder to figure if a game is finished; how I'd know it's even finished may be, when there's nothing left to abandon.

So, this is an immersive game with simple controls; difficulty is progressive therefore, getting started won't be a problem. As you move further the game will test your skill, your luck, and eventually, your faith.

Released a new trailer today.

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