Buried at last (FFS jam ed)

I have finally finished something. So I'm here to talk to you about what has changed since the latest Birdman iteration.

First a quick reminder, what is the game about?

"A Birdman Emulator" is an adventurous and possibly metaphysical 3D platform game. As such, you may walk, and you may jump. You may fall, and you may die. The game is silent but somewhat narrative. There is something going on. Then there is nothing happening, and it's over. 

More likely you fall to your death, and give up (because it's hard).

The good news first.

  • Birdman is "free for a limited time". This is mainly so that others (for example, Finish Something Jam Contributors) can have a look at it and enjoy it. Although it's free as in beer the least you might do is hurl a penny at it. Just sayin'
  • The latest iOS version probably won't be available for another couple of weeks.

Now the bad news. What has changed? What did I improve, specifically? Well, there are new things.

  • An automaton
  • A huddle of evolving constructs.
  • A phone booth
  • A school of fish
  • A shallow grave.

In line with the game's philosophy, much of the new content is optional. Optional, in this case, means that you can complete the game without ever noticing any of this.

Parting words

I have never very much enjoyed the making of this game. Birdman's precursor, Game Degree Zero, was a proof of existence, and a swan song, for my own, custom, game engine, Iron Horse.

It was a goodbye.

There was massive anxiety thrown into the original; it came out as an ignorable (if somewhat spirited) little game. Needless to say, the imitation is better than the original - but still. Birdman is an imitation - a fake.

Overall I feel sorry for myself. For spending so much time on this game. For coming back to it over and over. For killing a monster that doesn't want to die.

About the feet? Humiliation. I gave bird feet to the faceless hero of this game to disparage him. 

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