Antistar - final chapter, released

Two years after development started, Antistar is going full circle with a dark, eerie mood piece set into Aka's dream-world.  

There isn't much point in spoiling it for everybody who hasn't even started playing the game, so I'm not sure that it would be wise to tell you much about it.

Looking for testers

For now I decided that the game will stay in early access until I've received a little more feedback. If you'd like to play-test the game, please let me know - we probably don't need more than 10-20 testers right now; so I'll update when we've distributed a few keys.

Other improvements

As usual this new release comes with many small improvements but let's focus on the bigger ones:

  • Camera management, so much improved that it feels like a re-write (it is not)
  • More improvements to path-finding. Now that I think about it this may not be a huge improvement from a player's point of view, but Oyo (the blue cat) manages to climb on the barge at the end of chapter 3a, and I'm happy about that!
  • Improved sound volume calibration.

Crowdfunding campaign

I'm eyeing an Antistar sequel. In the meantime I'm also wondering whether the game should get more love before an official 'release'; and to complicate things a little, I have mobile ports in the pipeline (already working, but needs polish) and would really, really love to play this game in VR.

I'm hoping to get some help from the community via a crowd-funding campaign. If this sounds like a thing, please register here.

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