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“Gazing at the shiny crescent looming overhead, I get an impossible sense of longing; but also… sadness, and fear. 

Who am I?”

Set in a world of fable and wonders, with inspiration ranging from Final Fantasy to Studio Ghibli, Antistar tells of a determined, pig-tailed heroine, on a journey to retrieve her lost memories. 

Nameless heroine explains the game 

"My name is... what was my name again? Okay, let's start over.

I will have you know that I am not a magical girl. Let that sink in.

Also, do not think of me as a thing you're going to play with. I may be a game character (but really I'm not) however it will be productive if you think of me as being thirteen years old (apparently) with arms, legs and a loud mouth. I am brave but die-able (1 hp), please take care of me:

  • Will jump, walk and run. Until I find a weapon these abilities will be tremendously helpful.
  • Talking to magical creatures and balding guys is the way I know to gather useful advice.
  • Able to carry very useful things(*) - be it a little food, a huge key or a handy flute(**)

I have my own feelings, and enjoy reminiscing (when you're not fiddling with your controller)

Let's adventure together (macOS, Linux, Windows - high specs don't care)"

(*) My pajamas do not have magical bottomless pockets for your 50 items inventory.
(**) I play the flute, not the ocarina.

A word from the author

This is a follow up to Antistar 3D: Rising (released only on iPhone/iPad; 2010). iFanzine praised the original game as a glimpse of something wonderful
The game was re-made from the ground up, and extended (2 additional chapters).

In creating this I asked - being a teenage person lost in a fantasy universe, what would it be like? It would be awesome, right? And very dangerous.

You would spare a thought for your skin, before confronting giant metal birds head on. 
You'd really be wanting to make friends along the way.

So, I created this game; being mindful of three things.

  1. Give you a fair challenge. Strictly, good reflexes and wits suffice to complete the game, possibly in a single sitting (playing randomly however is a recipe for frustration and 100 deaths)
  2. Avoid complex controls, a onscreen UI and other distractions.
  3. Avoid artificial constraints. I grew up finding it odd that games which let us fly and target 10 foes with meteor attacks, then refuse to let me climb over a short fence.

While I am still working to make this game "bigger and better", it is complete, and I hope you will enjoy it.

To learn more about current and future dev, head over to my Patreon page, where you can also subscribe to support this work.

A sequel is intended (will be released separately) - My wish is to complete the Antistar Saga by 2020 - 4 'books', 7 chapters per issue.


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