Antistar 0.7.3 - New and improved!

Last January I posted a small update to re:Antistar. This was a little rushed as I needed to add a secret to Blackwoods for a friend's birthday. Here's a more stable release.

The main improvements include:

  • A new AI engine - You're not going to see a huge difference now but, if you wish for livelier pals and trickier foes, this is where it's headed.
  • A persistent inventory. Still an experimental feature but, along with this Antistar gives you a little more choices about what you carry with you, and in what order you're doing things. So this means that there's going to be new puzzles in the game, including some you can only solve after you completed everything, or by re-visiting a previously completed chapter.


  • Enabled mouse buttons - LMB (attack/use/collect) and RMB (jump) (obviously you could already do all this using the keyboard) 
  • Return to the main menu by pressing the HOME key. You won't see a popup to okay/cancel this - handle with care. 
  • Toggle noise and scratches (press N) 


  •  Tweaked the main menu, Blackwoods looks prettier. 
  • Klinnburg's Gatekeeper is even more awesome. Whirrs, clangs, blinks and overall does its very best to impress.


  • While playing with a controller camera was turning too slow; fixed
  • (Under specific circumstances) a key NPC in Coral Fields will attack, as they should.
  • Correct dialog will appear depending on whether a key NPC are active or not (Klinnburg)
  • A unnamed playable character won't ever fall to her death anymore while joyfully exiting South House
  • When entering certain areas, fade-in bugged; fixed. 
  • Restored the "Twin Stars" app icon 
  • Lightly edited the script

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