Antistar 0.7.3d - A few patches later

With extra testing going into the latest build (and the contributions of a very helpful tester) I identified a few things that really needed fixing, including unresponsiveness with many of the game's NPCs.

Almost every AI in Antistar is pulse based. Meaning that they take decisions at regular or randomized intervals, and this process is separate from actually doing things. This causes NPCs to not chase the player relentlessly - done well (with tweaks and everything) it actually feels lively, and sometimes a little more intense - for one, this 'stop and start' style of interaction also means that we can have AIs which are faster than the player, but since they take short pauses, evasion is still possible.

Anyway, these AIs have been feeling pretty broken for a while (in fact, since I migrated many of these to a custom BT (Behavior Tree) implementation. Often they would just edge towards the PC in tiny steps, or for some others, zone out way too long.

All this looks much better now. 

A slightly puzzling thing is that I never got much feedback on this. 

My best guess for now... in a 3D game with a punitive hack and slash element (one hit kills), players either rush opponents without giving them a chance, or run without looking back...

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