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Antistar: Rising

A swordy tale of riddles & pajamas · By Eelstork


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Antistar 0.7.3d - A few patches later
With extra testing going into the latest build (and the contributions of a very helpful tester) I identified a few things that really needed fixing, including u...
Antistar 0.7.3 - New and improved!
Last January I posted a small update to re:Antistar . This was a little rushed as I needed to add a secret to Blackwoods for a friend's birthday. Here's a more...
Antistar 0.7.1 - Beautiful skies + hunting moves
Here's the latest version of Antistar with a slightly goofy trailer, and a few nice improvements! Beautiful skies Oyo (the blue cat) has got hunting moves Butt...
Cheap Game Trailer / Ultimate Elevator Pitch
Since we completed the latest chapter of re:Antistar and we're heading towards our Christmas Sale, I knew time was overdue for a comprehensive game trailer. We'...
Antistar - final chapter, released
Two years after development started, Antistar is going full circle with a dark, eerie mood piece set into Aka's dream-world. There isn't much point in spoilin...
Antistar: early access ending soon + sale
After 2 years of development, we're just a few days away from the release of Antistar's 7th and final chapter and Antistar is about to exit early access. We're...
re:Antistar - getting an updated camera
Stability improvements Small update today as I'm chasing loose ends to push the game towards a final release. Revamped camera system - the main improvement here...
Antistar Chapter VI: Yaya
Chapter VI of Antistar, Yaya, is now released! In the previous issue, a certain girl with red hair has been kidnapped. Valiantly, our favorite blue cat, Oyo, ju...