Antistar #5: Mace-tails & Iron Pipes

Good news! Chapter V of Antistar is finally released.

Antistar is a 3D action-platform-adventure piece set in a unique, original fantasy world. With Chapter V, all the content from the original game has been fully re-created, so from here on, into the Big Unknown!

Chapter V is definitely wandering on the 'action-platform' side with a lot of runabout slashing moments. By the way, what is a mace-tail? Thanks for asking. Mace-tails are an irresistible mixture of squirrel and kangaroo, in two flavors:

  • Tuberous, a.k.a Weak-tails. They are fast but their attacks are non lethal owing to the smooth, rounded protrusions on their tails.
  • Spiky, a.k.a. Strong-tails. Not as fast but stealthier than the Weak-tails, their spiky tails make them really dangerous.

There is also a rumored variety of albino weak-tails, which are totally harmless!

Pick up your wooden sword and have at it!

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